In 2012, Apothecary By Design began conducting surveys of our patients and referring clinicians to gauge their satisfaction with our care—and to learn how we can make it even better. Since then, results have consistently shown near 100% satisfaction with ABD’s services. Here are the most recent highlights.

2017 quality evaluation summary

In its 2017 quality evaluation, 99% of patients with validated responses indicated satisfaction with the care they received from ABD, and over 89% of the patients were “extremely satisfied.”

A total of 6,291 ABD patients received the survey—the most ever in the poll’s six-year history. A team of students and faculty from the University of New England College of Pharmacy independently compiled and analyzed the results in December 2017.

At least 96% of responding patients were extremely satisfied or satisfied in each of 10 service criteria, including “accessibility of clinicians and responsiveness to issues” and “courteous, professional staff.” Across all 10 criteria, at least 83% of patients were extremely satisfied. Both of these percentages are several points higher than ABD’s 2016 satisfaction results for the same criteria.

In addition, 88% of respondents named a member of the ABD team who provided “exceptional service.”

Respondents were also asked to rate on a 0-10 scale their likelihood of recommending ABD to family or friends. Roughly 90% of respondents answered with a 9 or 10, the two highest recommendation marks. The results yielded a Net Promoter Score of +89.

An accompanying survey of healthcare professionals gave ABD a Net Promoter Score of +95. In that survey, 100% of validated responses rated ABD’s services as “excellent” or “good” on a five-point scale. And 95% gave “excellent” ratings to the pharmacy’s coordination of patient care, accessibility of staff, and clinical expertise.