In 2012, Apothecary By Design began conducting surveys of our patients and referring clinicians to gauge their satisfaction with our care—and to learn how we can make it even better. Since then, results have consistently shown near 100% satisfaction with ABD’s services. Here are the most recent highlights.

2016 Quality Evaluation Summary

In its 2016 quality evaluation, 90% of patients indicated they were “extremely satisfied” with the care they received from ABD.

In response to 4,091 surveys distributed, another 9% indicated they were “satisfied” with their care, based on the survey’s five-point scale. This result brings the total portion of respondents expressing satisfaction with their care to 99%. In addition, 99% indicated they would recommend ABD to others, according to Digital Research Group, the independent research firm that conducted the survey.

At least 95% of responding patients were extremely satisfied or satisfied in each of 10 service criteria, including “accessibility of clinicians and responsiveness to issues” and “courteous, professional, and knowledgeable staff.” Across all 10 criteria, at least 80% of patients were extremely satisfied.

Satisfaction levels were also measured among subsets of patients, grouped in five clinical categories.

An accompanying survey distributed to healthcare professionals found that 96% of those responding would “very likely” recommend ABD to their patients, with 4% saying they were “likely” to recommend the pharmacy. All of the responding clinicians indicated ABD’s services during 2016 were “excellent” or “good” on a five-point scale, with 83% grading them “excellent.”

The surveys were conducted during December 2016 and January 2017.