From the start of my treatment with Apothecary By Design, I knew I was in good hands. There’s so much personal attention, I immediately felt comfortable. At first, I had some concern about using an injectable medication, and about storing it. But the ABD staff helped me through all that. They made it easy.

Today, the ABD staff almost feels like family. They know me as a person. That means I don’t have to explain my health situation each time I need a refill. In the past, I’ve used other pharmacies where there was so much turnover in employees, I constantly had to reacquaint them with who I was.

ABD just makes things convenient for me. Once, my medication’s injector misfired, but they were right on top of it, and had a replacement out to me the very next day. Everything worked out beautifully. And it’s reassuring to know that anytime I have a question, Sarah or one of her coworkers can answer it or point me to the right resource. I know they’re always trying to keep me in the best possible health.

ABD has raised the bar so high, and has simply exceeded all my expectations. If every pharmacy, if every business, operated this way, life would be much easier.

Jeannie, a patient with rheumatoid arthritis