Our son had a liver transplant when he was 30 days old. The pharmacist at the Children’s Hospital highly recommended Apothecary By Design and set us up with ABD from the beginning. We love you guys. Like most families, we have many balls in the air at any given time and the way you treat us as a family has been a huge help. The personal interactions, the extra level of expertise – it’s one less thing I have to worry about.

Daily, lifelong medications are something we have to do. It’s a big part of our life so it’s important that it’s a positive experience. The personal attention and the consistently positive attitude go a long way to help us feel that it’s really a team effort. It helps relieve some of the pressure, knowing we have that relationship as well as the clinical expertise.

To people and families who need a specialty medication, I would tell them to not think of your pharmacist as someone who just fills your prescription. Think of them as part of your medical team.

The pharmacists at ABD bring an additional level of expertise to specialty care. The sophistication they bring provides an extra level of comfort and ease, and the level of trust we have in you is assumed. It’s one less thing we have to worry about, not because it’s easy, but because we feel that you know our family, you know how we operate, what works for us for refills and reminders. Your quick turnaround time, your help in preparing for vacations ahead of time, coming in off-hours to refill a critical medication – having that kind of support makes all the difference, and helps free us up to think about other things.

It feels like you really know us – especially Teri, Kayla, and Kate, but everyone we’ve interacted with has the same personal approach and positive attitude. Our son still plays with the birthday gift they sent him!

Maureen S., parent of a pediatric transplant recipient