For me, it was hugely reassuring that Apothecary By Design was advocating for me. The clinicians there, especially Justin and Frank, removed a big piece of the worry.

The ABD staff worked to obtain prior authorization from my insurance plan, and greatly reduced my financial burden by securing copay assistance for me. It seemed too good to be true. I even wondered if the coverage of my medication might be cut off, but ABD assured me that wouldn’t happen, and it didn’t. The entire experience felt like a miracle.

You don’t expect the kind of service ABD provides. I had heard it was amazing, but I wasn’t at all familiar with what ABD does, or even what a specialty pharmacy is. The people at ABD are so warm, so helpful, and they made everything about my treatment as easy as possible. They made sure I understood how to take the medication, and I always knew there was someone who could help if I had questions. As far as I’m concerned, ABD is the only game in town.

I received my medication by mail, but when my treatment was complete I drove 2 ½ hours to drop off some organic cider as a way of saying thank you.

Extreme diseases sometimes require extreme remedies, as Hippocrates said, and ABD is extremely good.

Mia, former patient with hepatitis C