Frequently Asked Questions

What is Apothecary By Design?

Apothecary By Design is a specialty pharmacy that serves patients with chronic, complex diseases, such as hepatitis C, HIV, and rheumatoid arthritis. Based in Portland, Maine, Apothecary by Design is licensed to serve patients throughout most of the United States.

What is a specialty pharmacy?

Specialty pharmacies focus on the use of medications that require specialized handling, storage, dispensing, or administration. These medications usually are expensive (costing $3,000 per month or more), involve complicated treatment regimens, and require close clinical management.

How can I have my prescription refilled?

Just call Apothecary By Design at 877.814.8447. During our regular work hours, your call will be answered promptly by one of our dedicated team members. (On-call clinicians are always available after hours.) Please understand, the case management required in the use of specialty medications prevents those prescriptions from being refilled online.

How will I receive my medication?

Apothecary By Design delivers medication at no charge, usually via an overnight service. Medication is shipped securely and confidentially, in specially designed, cold-insulating, protective packages.

Do you take my insurance?

Apothecary By Design is enrolled with many major private insurance companies, as well as Medicaid and Medicare.