An Active Member of Your Care Team

At Apothecary By Design, our pharmacists and care coordinators become an active member of your care team, providing:

  • information and counseling about your treatment, tailored to your needs
  • copayment assistance and insurance services, including management of prior authorizations that are often required
  • free, secure, expedited delivery of your medications and supplies
  • real-time, direct access to your pharmacy team and 24/7 support, because we don’t believe in keeping our patients waiting

Specialty pharmacy care is not only about what you do, but how you do it. And ABD does things differently because of three unique strengths.

  1. Our people. We choose the best employees, organize them into skilled teams, and invest in their development over the long term. The result is that ABD clinicians form genuine, lasting connections with patients and providers, allowing them each to succeed.
  2. Our service ethic. True to our entrepreneurial roots, we are problem-solvers, ready to go the extra mile to deliver a successful outcome. ABD hasn’t needed to tear down barriers to exceptional service, because we never put them up. Red tape, phone trees—not our style.
  3. Our quality. ABD’s quality assurance program begins with a foundation of good people doing the right thing. But we’ve gone further. We’ve voluntarily earned national accreditations—one of only a handful of pharmacies in the country that hold these distinctions. We’ve even developed our own proprietary tools to enhance quality monitoring.

We must be doing something right! In a recent survey, ABD received nearly 100% satisfaction scores from our patients and healthcare professionals.