Stress Management

Facing unanticipated difficulties while trying to conceive can be traumatic for those who dream of starting a family. Hopeful parents often experience complex emotions as they navigate treatment decisions and processes.

Coping with fertility challenges requires both physical and psychological energy, and can result in a major life crisis. In fact, the stress associated with fertility treatment can be just as extreme as the stress associated with serious illness.

Obtaining support to help manage the stress of fertility treatment is important. Patients who seek emotional support early in treatment are often better prepared for their experiences and find it significantly less stressful than patients who do not. Sharing thoughts and feelings with close friends and family members may help while going through the difficult times. Talking with couples or individuals who have also gone through similar treatment can be helpful, too.

Though the process of fertility treatment is a challenging and emotional one, patients can endure and come away from the experience with a stronger sense of self and closer bonds to the people they love. Apothecary By Design’s caring, clinical support team is always available to help answer your questions and offer support during this process.