Most patients receiving growth hormone therapy are children, some of whom may continue treatment into adolescence or adulthood. Sometimes, adults are diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency as a result of an injury or a new medical condition. Whatever their age, patients receiving this treatment at Apothecary By Design get expert, family-oriented care.

Our clinicians understand that the entire family needs encouragement and support. Sometimes children balk at injections, and it can be hard on parents, too. Building treatment into a family’s busy schedule can be tough, especially for those who managing other challenges related to the child’s health, growth, and development.

By getting to know our patients and families, the ABD team helps minimize risks to treatment adherence. Our clinicians work closely with families and their healthcare providers to troubleshoot obstacles to care, and to provide families with consistent, proactive, and open lines of communication.

We also understand the administrative and financial barriers that go along with growth hormone therapy, and we work to ensure that treatment is not held up as a result.

Our team is skilled at facilitating the initial and renewal prior-authorization processes, as well as obtaining copayment assistance. In addition, ABD can let the provider know which medications are preferred by a family’s health plan. That way, medication education and administration training can be completed during the first office appointment after therapy has been prescribed.

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