Starting Your Treatment

Antiretroviral medication regimens used to treat HIV are often complex and may even feel burdensome. But HIV medications must be taken regularly and as prescribed in order for people to benefit from their life-saving potential. In fact, non-adherence is the biggest factor in treatment failure and in the development of HIV strains that are resistant to drug therapy.

Our HIV specialists understand the importance of medication adherence, as well as the barriers to it, including the complex schedules of multiple medications, the social stigma attached to keeping medications on hand, undesirable side effects, and the intricacies of insurance benefits. We work closely with you to address your individual needs, deliver your medication on time, and make your treatment as comfortable, convenient, and successful as possible.

When you come to ABD for HIV treatment, here’s what you can expect:

  • Constant commitment. Throughout your treatment, your pharmacy team will provide information, educational materials, and counseling to help you understand your condition and treatment regimen, including how to take your medicine properly and manage any side effects you experience. Our clinical staff is available for phone consultation, and will follow up with you regularly to monitor your treatment, alert you when it’s time to refill your prescription, and answer any questions you may have.
  • Real people and 24/7 support. Call ABD during regular business hours and you’ll speak directly to a member of your pharmacy team in real time, because we don’t believe in voicemail or keeping our patients waiting. Our on-call pharmacists are also available at any hour to help you with urgent needs.
  • Free, secure delivery. Your medication will be shipped at no charge, and often via a next-day service. In the rare case of weather delays or other disruptions, we do whatever we can to meet your needs. That’s why our on-time delivery rate exceeds 99.8%.
  • Teamwork. As part of your care team, we work closely with your physician and others who play a role in your health. In addition to unmatched clinical support, our insurance advocates work on your behalf to obtain prior authorizations, and provide timely verification of benefits and coverage.
  • Financial assistance. Our advocates can help you understand and optimize your benefits and secure financial assistance for out-of-pocket medication costs from manufacturers, nonprofit organizations, and other sources. In 2016, we secured over $5 million in financial assistance for our patients