Each person with cancer is unique, each journey is individual. But this much is common: Cancer patients carry a heavy load. So do their families and caregivers. Apothecary By Design works to lift some of those burdens.

ABD pharmacists devote themselves not only to helping patients achieve a successful outcome from their cancer treatment, but also to managing treatment side effects. We support patients throughout their therapy, educating them about what to expect and how to reduce the severity of any unwanted effects. Our team is also skilled at accessing funding from manufacturers, nonprofit organizations, and other sources to reduce the financial burden of cancer care. In fact, ABD accessed over $4 million of patient assistance in 2015.

Sometimes, cancer care requires fast action—for example, quick turnaround time to dispense urgent medications that may accompany chemotherapy. We understand the pressure these situations can create for you, and we’re adept at expediting such high-priority needs. Because you are our highest priority.

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