Today, there are many therapies available for inflammatory diseases of the body’s joints and surrounding tissues. People with rheumatoid arthritis and similar conditions have more treatment options than ever, including injectable medications and new once-daily oral ones. Each of these treatments requires expert, personalized support to ensure that patients achieve the best possible outcomes.


The Apothecary By Design team helps patients and their healthcare providers identify the right option, and then make the most of it. The ABD staff provides extensive patient education and counseling, tailored to each patient’s needs. In addition, our in-depth knowledge of each medication allows us to make full use of the financial assistance available to patients, reducing copayments and making the right treatment more affordable.

We also draw on our close relationships with providers, manufacturers, and other partners in this clinical area. For example, we recently collaborated with a manufacturer to implement an evidence-based tool to help us better assess RA patients’ progress and symptomology.

Joint medicine, you might say, requires a joint approach.

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